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A New Fanficton Community! 
12:23am 12/09/2010

80sand90sfanfic a community for sharing and discussing fanfiction about the movies we grew up with.
MUSIC VIDEO: The Neverending Story -- "You Stole Me Away" 
10:52pm 18/04/2010
This is a tribute to one of my favorite movies -- and probably yours as well -- the 80's fantasy classic The Neverending Story! Set to the dreamy, electronic melodies of New Zealand dance muse Ladyhawke, I hope you enjoy this energetic homage to brave Atreyu! <3

---- YouTube
---- 74.2 MB AVI Download (MediaFire)


06:13pm 26/10/2008
  etsyminiluckdragons.jpg picture by thepsychedelicpurse
Etsy will be down for a short while so do be patient!
Wake up! Yay! 
05:02pm 19/08/2008
  So, I've noticed that this community has been napping! Let's discuss stuff.

piperedfern has retired and I'm the new moderator. I haven't indicated that on the profile, as it doesn't matter to me, but I'm let you know so you can know. My good deed of the day. :)

I've been watching Perfect Strangers with friends; they've released the first and second seasons and they were both very funny! I can't wait for the third and beyond to be released.

I met a girl this week who collects My Little Pony; she has over 400 ponies. Envy! I've been trying to come up with a black and gray pony as a tattoo. She would have a skull on her fanny. Any ideas?

What do you guys think of Corey Haim and Corey Feldman trying to pry their way back into entertainment? Desperate much? They're both still adorable, but old.

Post something random to the community if you want. I want to see discussions! *grin*
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Falkor the Luck Dragon 
12:35pm 19/05/2008

This is actually the third Falkor doll I've made.

I also make Ludo Dolls http://modastrid.deviantart.com/art/Ludo-loves-you-82491189,
 Firey Dolls http://modastrid.deviantart.com/art/I-shake-my-pretty-little-head-84487026
and I'm working on some other beloved characters:
Teek- ewok adventure movies
Rock Biter
sir didymus- this one will take time to get him perfected
and then just some related characters of my own creation .

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Perfect Strangers! 
07:57pm 28/02/2008
mood: Dance of joy!
I just added the first two seasons to my Netflix Q! Yay!
Wow, this is the coolest ever! 
10:54pm 05/11/2007
  I am an 80's nerd! So, apparently a DVD will be released of the TV series, Perfect Strangers! I know, I know. We heard that same rumor about two years ago.

So, I looked it up on Wikipedia Did you know that the character, Harriet Winslow, got her start as the elevator operator at the Chicago Chronicle where Larry and Balki worked? She later left the series to star in her own; Family Matters. Cool, huh?

Quoted from Wiki's site; "Warner Home Video will release the first and second seasons on a four-disc DVD set in Region 1 for the very first time on February 18, 2008." Holy crap! It's really happening!

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03:20pm 02/07/2007
  80's cool kids, join Cinema Trash! =)

New Layout, pics 
12:10am 28/03/2007
mood: busy
Just letting you guys know the community is undergoing a makeover; it isn't completed yet (and I may still change the header or the layout), but I'm done working on it for the night. I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on with the look (which will be a Never Ending Story theme); I'll let you know when it's finished. I figure what I'll start doing is every now and then switching the theme to a different movie/series/etc. Currently, I'm working on the html for the moodtheme, so that'll be the next thing completed (sometime tomorrow evening). After the makeover is done, we'll have an icontest; the winner's icon will be the default icon for the community.

Also, if anyone has preferences or suggestions relating to the community (layout, graphics, polls, topics, lists, etc.), feel free to comment to this post!
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Teen Witch Musical 
08:35pm 04/03/2007
mood: curious
Yup, you read that right. I just got a message on Myspace that people are aparently working on a musical version:

Hi, how are you? I'm so happy to know that you love teen witch, the movie!! Well, good news is that we are making a musical out of the original teen witch movie!! All the tracks are newly recorded and produced by the original producer Larry Weir. Please check out our page and listen to those new sound tracks that was just released a few days ago!

We will be touring soon, so we hope to see you in your area! Please add us to your friend, so we can keep in touch. Take care. Heday (string arranger of teen witch the musical)

Here's their profile page, in case anyone's interested: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=99768678

Watch the Youtube they have on there; the people playing Brad and Louise have amazing voices. I hope it comes here in the summer; I'd love to be able to see what all they did with it (especially since they added more songs).
80's flashbacks! 
09:07pm 21/02/2007
  Oh boy, these bring back memories!Collapse )  
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03:06am 31/12/2006
  i'm new here. i just joined. i've heard about movie labyrinth a lot. i've never seen it. just wondering. should i buy the movie or not?  
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12:25am 27/12/2006
mood: bouncy
[1] Comment please!
[2] Credit mrbnatural or iconzicons!
[3] Hotlinking makes adorable princesses sniffly! ;o; OH NOES!

03 13

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09:39pm 13/11/2006
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Perfect Strangers 
11:13pm 30/07/2006
  Apparently, the entire collection is available here-->www.dvdavenue.tv and it's only $200! I'm not sure what copyrights they ahve though, as Amazon.com says it isn't available yet. Weird. But, this collection is the entire 8 seasons! Something to consider. Or at least Netflix in a couple of months once it is available. :)  
Random Fun! 
08:36pm 26/02/2006
mood: amused
Your 80s Heartthrob Is

John Stamos

If you decide to do this quiz, please post it in the comments; I don't want the community (and my friends page!) to get flooded with it.
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The Dark Crystal Sequel 
08:24pm 20/02/2006
mood: calm
this may have already been posted, but Jim Henson productions in conjucnture with like a whole lot of other people is planning on making a sequel to the dark crystal. you can go to either imbd.com or the official jim henson website thingy to get the full details, but the story is suppoused to be set somewhere in the future (from the two articles i read both jim and kyra will make an appearence but aren't the main characters). the story will follow the adventures of some fire ember thingy that steals a shard of the (well it's not the dark crystal anymore now is it) she steals a piece of the crystal to reawaken the sun inside of the planet. i don't totally get it, but they are suppoused to be using puppets. . .or animatronics along with CGI. i'm a little worried about the CGI contribution but seeing as how it has been over twenty years, and they are bringing back brian froud as a consultant, i have a hopeful outlook.
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Community notice! 
08:30pm 18/02/2006
  First off, you'll notice that I have added tags (you can't see them on the main page, but if you're reading comments, you'll see the tags there). Also, everyone who took the poll wants to see trivia as well as an updated DVD availability list, so I shall get on that right away.

EDIT: I'm calling it a night on the DVD availability list, but I've updated and added up to T. Keep in mind this is only a list for 80's movies. After this, I plan on making a list of movies up to '95. If anyone one else wants to do the research on DVD availability on tv series in the 80's and/or 90-95, let me know and I'll be happy to give you the HTML format I'm using or you can give me the list and I'll post it in that format for you.

There was also an interest in other contests here. So, if you have ideas for contests (to give the mods ideas), please comment to this (comments are screened) so we have an idea of what you want to see.

Also, there's more interest in graphics contests than there were previously. Unfortunately, I do not have the time for weekly contests. So, if anyone would like to volunteer to run our icontests, I'll make you a co-mod as well. I will occasionally be able to post them so whomever runs them can also participate, but again, I don't have the time needed to plan and run weekly contests. So, I'll screen comments to this in case anyone is interested. If more than one person is interested, I'll make up to two people co-mods to run the icontests, and they can decide between them how they want to handle it all.

Thanks guys!
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05:15pm 18/02/2006
mood: cold
hey i just joined cause of a lot of things, mainly that i'm a child of the 80's and miss it so (single tear). anyways what was bastion's mother's name from the never ending story? i've seen that movie so many times i no longer count, but i can never get her name.
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New Look! 
10:41pm 14/02/2006
  I decided the community needed a makeover. So, ta-da!

I hope you all enjoy the new look!
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