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The Dark Crystal Sequel

this may have already been posted, but Jim Henson productions in conjucnture with like a whole lot of other people is planning on making a sequel to the dark crystal. you can go to either imbd.com or the official jim henson website thingy to get the full details, but the story is suppoused to be set somewhere in the future (from the two articles i read both jim and kyra will make an appearence but aren't the main characters). the story will follow the adventures of some fire ember thingy that steals a shard of the (well it's not the dark crystal anymore now is it) she steals a piece of the crystal to reawaken the sun inside of the planet. i don't totally get it, but they are suppoused to be using puppets. . .or animatronics along with CGI. i'm a little worried about the CGI contribution but seeing as how it has been over twenty years, and they are bringing back brian froud as a consultant, i have a hopeful outlook.
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