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Wake up! Yay!

So, I've noticed that this community has been napping! Let's discuss stuff.

piperedfern has retired and I'm the new moderator. I haven't indicated that on the profile, as it doesn't matter to me, but I'm let you know so you can know. My good deed of the day. :)

I've been watching Perfect Strangers with friends; they've released the first and second seasons and they were both very funny! I can't wait for the third and beyond to be released.

I met a girl this week who collects My Little Pony; she has over 400 ponies. Envy! I've been trying to come up with a black and gray pony as a tattoo. She would have a skull on her fanny. Any ideas?

What do you guys think of Corey Haim and Corey Feldman trying to pry their way back into entertainment? Desperate much? They're both still adorable, but old.

Post something random to the community if you want. I want to see discussions! *grin*
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She's not into punk! Haha.