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This is a place where anyone can come and discuss 80's movies, although anything related to the 80's (and even early 90's) is welcome. Mainly this is just a fun place for people to meet and discuss things they remember "back when".

There is also a DVD availability list for 80's movies that can be found here

There are also occasional graphics contest (no set intervals as this is not primarily a contest community). You MUST be a member to participate and view these. Please realize that these are sporadic, however will remain a part of the community. Winners get award banners.

Community Rules:
1) NO FLAMING. Period. If you don't like someone's opinion, that's fine. They may not agree with you either. But don't go and attack them because of it. All posts, comments, etc. WILL be deleted if there's flaming involved. You want to vent about something or someone, put it in your own journal. Violaters wil be given ONE WARNING. If it happens again, they will be banned.
2) When it comes to artwork, don't copy someone else's and post as your own. Chances are, someone in this community will see it anyway. If you see an icon you just love that relates to the community, ask teh artisit if you can share, and give credit if the artist asks for it. Just don't pass it off as your own work. If you do that, you will be given one warning. If you violate that in the future, you will be banned.
3) This is a place to have fun. Polls, surveys, etc. may be posted by anyone. Even community promotion (as long as it somehow relates) is allowed.
4) When people share their artwork, follow their rules. Just because one person doesn't require credit doesn't mean no one requires it. If you're unsure how to credit someone, ask! Most people have no problem with explaining it to you. If you want to share it with others, ask the artist before doing so.

If you just really want to know the "etiquette" associated with icons (or graphics in general), feel free to view this wonderful post from a well-known icon maker: Icon Do-s and Don't-s

If you want to add this button to your userinfo, follow it's link back to the original post.

You can also find promotion banners here

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